Hague Road Runners

HRR in brief

Even if you do not speak Dutch well (yet), you are very welcome at The Hague Road Runners! Our training courses are conducted in Dutch in principle, but the trainers will repeat the important information for you in English where necessary. Of course, your fellow runners will also be happy to help you whenever possible. And who knows, this might be a good way to brush up on your Dutch: during training sessions, over a drink at our sociable club or perhaps as a volunteer at our activities.

The Hague Road Runners club (HRR) is one of the largest running clubs in the Hague area with over 700 members.
As well as road running for races or for recreation several other activities are offered by the club, such as trail running, Nordic walking and hiking.
The club caters for all levels of experience from beginners to those who are seriously competitive and has groups which train for all distances from 5 km up to the marathon distance of 42 km. Apart from the weekly training sessions, the club organises training weekends, group trips to runs in Holland and abroad and of course, social events.

The HRR clubhouse is situated near the Clingendael Park and the Wassenaarse dunes. Thanks to the many bicycle paths and footpaths in the area it is easy to find a suitable running route. The HRR clubhouse offers all facilities such as showers, changing rooms and of course a cozy bar. Qualified trainers and physiotherapists ensure that the HRR club provides excellent support to all of its members.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening running groups at all levels of experience leave the clubhouse at 18:45 hrs. Training on a Saturday and Sunday starts at 9:00am. Everybody is welcome, from the age of 16 upwards – please drop by and join a few trial runs. Membership is on an annual basis, but if your stay in The Hague area is for a shorter period of time, a temporary membership is also possible.

Please use the English part of this website for more information or call 070-3281025 (during training hours).