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Training for CPC 2018 starts on Sunday December 3rd

On the 11th of March 2018 the 44th edition of the City-Pier-City-run (CPC) takes place. Get the best preparation for this special event by joining the training groups of the Hague CPC Runners. We provide training for the 5k, 10k and the half marathon.

Why run with the Hague CPC Runners?
Whether this is going to be your first 10k or whether you want to improve your time on the half marathon, the skilful trainers and support staff of the Hague CPC Runners will help you realize your goals. All training sessions take place in the beautiful Meijendel dune area and its surroundings. During the training period, we also provide advice on nutrition, clothing and injury prevention. . Above all is it extremely stimulating to train in a group with a common goal!

For whom?
The training sessions are designed for runners who are not current members of the Hague Road Runners (HRR) and who specifically want to train for the CPC. After taking part in the CPC training sessions it is possible to become a member of the HRR.

14 weeks of training on Sundaymorning and Thursdaynight
The first training session starts on Sunday the 3rd of December. We train weekly on Thursday nights and on Sunday mornings. Altogether you will train for 14 weeks until the CPC on the 11th of March 2018.

Running ability levels
There are different training groups for the 5k, 10k and the half marathon. The participants are separated based on their own level of fitness, so that everyone gets the best workout possible. An entry-level requirement, however, is that if you want to train for the half marathon, you need to be able to run 10k within an hour. The requirement to train for the 10k is that you can run 30 minutes without pausing. There is no entry requirement to participate in the 5k training sessions.

Train twice a week at the Hague CPC Runners
We will provide you with a training schedule for three training sessions a week. We leave from the clubhouse at 19.00 on Thursday nights and at 09.30 on Sunday mornings. You will be required to complete the Tuesday training session in your own time.

14 weeks for €75
The cost to train for 14 weeks with the CPC Runners is €75. Included in this fee is membership of the Dutch Athletics Union for that period. This way you are well insured for the duration of the course.

Link to join the Hague CPC Runners 2018

For more information about the CPC training sessions, you can check our FAQ page. If you have any questions after that, please send an e-mail to hcr@hagueroadrunners.nl.
Under become a member you can find information on the other possibilities to join the Hague Road Runners.

The registration for the CPC is not included in the €75 fee. You can register yourself on the website of the ABN AMRO City Pier Cityloop: www.cpcloopdenhaag.nl/lopers