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HRR CPC Training starts on Saturday 6 January 2024

Prepare yourself optimally by training for the CPC at the The Hague Roadrunners.

Would you like to cross the finish line of the 48th CPC on 10 March 2024 with a Personal Best? With the HRR-CPC training that starts on Saturday 6 January 2024 you will fully prepare yourself for your CPC running goal, if that is becoming faster or if you’re running your first 5K, 10K or 21.1K. We will help you get to your max!

Five reasons for training with HRR
• Training on the road as well as in beautiful parks, woods and the dunes nearby (Clingendael, Haagse Bos, Meijendel…)
• Enthusiastic and skilled trainers
• Attention for running technique (proper running form)
• Recommendations for nutrition, running gear and injury prevention
• Extra motivation by your group

For whom?
Every running hero who wants to improve his/her speed. But also if you’re running your first 5K, 10K or half marathon! With the HRR-CPC training you will fully prepare yourself for your CPC running goal. For the half marathoners it is required that you can run 10K within the hour. For the 10K you are required to run the 5K in 35 minutes. For the 5K there’s no threshold.

Optimal guidance/preparation
In principle, training sessions are scheduled for Wednesday/Thursday evenings (departure: 18.45) and Saturday/Sunday mornings (departure: 9.00).
All groups will have a training schedule with three training sessions per week so you will be fully prepared for the CPC.
CPC runners will not be placed in separate groups. Rather, they will be joining the regular HRR training groups from the beginning. This brings the advantage that newcomers will get tips and advice from experienced runners, which will stimulate the group dynamic. Naturally, you will be assigned to a training group according to your running abilities and level.

Sign up!
If you would like to join the training sessions, sign up now so you have the advantage of being fully prepared.
The fee for these training sessions is 45 euro. This includes the sessions and the Atletiekunie-fee. This does not include the starting ticket for the CPC.
Fill in the form by pressing the button; under ‘Activities’, please select Projectgroep Category ‘CPC Trainingen’.
Press button for entry form projects

You can reach us at tc@hagueroadrunners.nl for any questions that you may have.